Updated: Jun 14, 2020

I discovered this brand whilst researching for a natural product that would appeal to my beauty & lifestyle conference speakers.

The pigments now offer an array of colours which are applied to my everyday clientele as well as myself!

Why this lipstick range is so current?

100% natural 100% vegan Australian Neek lipstick - beautifully moisturising too..

Why I choose this product for everyday wear?

Wearing a lipsitck not only adds pigmnet but it works as a protector and I prefer to use a lip tint that omits preservatives. We lick our lips multiple times during the day so it’s reassuring to ingest a natural product.

A Makeover Tip

If applying a 'barely there - nude look', I will adopt an 'All in One', dabbing a little on the lips, cheeks and a little eye-opening trick, a hint to the upper outer/ bottom inner corners of the eyes.

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